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Jim Fulton Field - Grand Prairie, Texas
Charter #610 - Since 1962

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GTRCC Field Rules

A. General Rules
1.  All flyers must have a current AMA membership and abide by the Safety Code.
2. Anyone holding a AMA Park Flyers Membership card is not allowed to fly at our field per our lease insurance requirements from the city of Grand Prairie.
3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed at Fulton Field.
4. Effective mufflers are required on all engines.
5. Respect and abide by these rules and cooperate with other members in their enforcement. Politely point out rules violations and be prepared to accept comments from others if you slip and violate a rule.
6. Any continuing or gross violation of these rules should be reported to any club officer for investigation and follow-up action by the club, which could be as severe as expulsion from the club.
B. Pit Rules
1. Do not fuel/un-fuel airplanes or helicopters under the shelter.
2. Do not start or run glow/gas engines in planes or helis behind the marked line on the  taxiways/walkways. The petromat strips between the pits and the runway are to be considered a walkway on the pit side of the line.
3. Do not leave a running engine unattended. For range checks, have someone hold the model.
4. Spectators, especially children, are not allowed to wander in the pits.
C. Flying Rules
1. Observe the designated walk, taxi, pit, and flying areas. Never taxi in the pits - see B2.
2. a) All pilots must stand in the pilotsí boxes or behind the safety fence. No standing on or in the middle of the runway except for hi-start launch or control line flying.
b) All personnel must stay behind the safety fences unless they are starting or retrieving aircraft.
3. Do not fly west of the runway.
The exceptions to this rule are: helicopters may fly hovering-only maneuvers over the north or south helicopter pads and aircraft may slightly deviate past the line when setting up for a landing and before crossing the end of the runway.
4. Advise other pilots flying when: - taking off, landing, touch and go and especially, when dead stick or a loss of control occurs.
5. Fly the prevailing traffic pattern set by the wind - to the south if there is no wind. Keep high speed, low passes over the grass on the far side of the runway and make sure the other pilots are aware that you are going to do one.
6. Limit flying north of the tree line - that's when planes are closest to houses and we do not need or want noise complaints.
7.  No hovering over the petromat runway but hovering over the grass on the east side of the grass runway is OK.
8.  There shall be no " NO RULES " events at Fulton Field.
D. Frequency Control - Includes Flying on 2.4GHz
1. Before you turn on any transmitter, you MUST have your AMA card in the appropriate slot on the board. If you are sharing a channel with another flyer, coordinate with them and limit flights to 10  minutes.
2. Do not remove another pilot's card from the slot unless you have MADE ABSOLUTELY SURE that the  pilot has left and forgotten the card.
3. If you fail to adhere to these frequency rules and cause an accident due to radio interference, you will be held responsible for all damages incurred by your actions.
E. Guests
1. Every member of the GTRCC is allowed one guest flyer per day.  Any more than that requires advance club approval (contests, fly-ins, get-togethers, and, etc.) A guest is an AMA member, GTRCC non-member, flying with their own transmitter and who is accompanied by a GTRCC member. This does not include a previous member who is arrears in dues. Guests are allowed to fly for 30 calendar days, after which they MUST join to continue flying or pay the ten dollar daily use fee associated with the Lake Parks.
2. Guests must leave when the host leaves because of Rule F-4. A member should be able to look at the frequency board and ascertain that no other members are present and that all remaining people are spectators that need to be cleared from the field.
3. The host member is responsible for their guest's abiding by these GTRCC rules
and the AMA Safety Code.
F. Parking and Maintenance
1. Carry out your own trash. We do not keep trash barrels out because everyone wants to fill them, but no one volunteers to empty them!
2. Keep your speed under 15 mph inside the gate.
3. Park only in the parking lot. If you are not flying, leave the row next to the fence to those who are.
4. All gates must be locked if no one will be inside. This is a requirement of the Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation Dept. Look at the frequency board when you are leaving -if you are the last member, clear out any spectators and CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATES. If you have flown in the morning, do not leave them open thinking that someone else will show up later in the day to fly.
5. The weeds and grass do not magically go away. Volunteer to work on work days mowing, weed whacking, spraying, weed killer, etc.

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